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27 May 2018.

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Additional equipment, like a foot pedal and transcription software, may not be required by the company you work for, but it could help you do your job better.

So, what the foot pedal does is it allows the transcriptionist to manipulate the video or audio using his/her foot which is on the pedal. In other words, you.

Foot Pedals · Infiniti Foot Pedal for Grundig Desktop Transcription Stations · IN-USB-2 USB Foot Pedal by Infinity · fp-9000-4d · FP-9000-4D-W.

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Top 10 Transcribing Jobs 24 Haz 2021. Audio transcription jobs from home don’t require extensive training. As long as you’re a good typist and have the necessary equipment, Transcribing from home. Down load and upload speeds of at the least 10 mbps. Your business enterprise may additionally have precise requirements. Pro Tip As with different on line jobs wherein

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A foot pedal (also called a WAV pedal) is used in medical transcription because it enables you to control dictation playback with your toes.

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