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30% Kids Attended Online Classes During Lockdowns | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: A statewide study has revealed that during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, only 30 per cent of children attended online classes, while 70 per cent were engaged in agriculture, related works, helping parents at work or spending time watching TV and playing games on mobile phones.
The study was conducted by Karnataka Child Rights Observatory (KCRO) — a consortium of NGOs and individuals working for children and child rights — to understand the situation of children (health, immunisation, education, nutrition, protection, etc,.) and their families during the lockdown period and submit recommendations to the government and other stakeholders.
The study, supported by UNICEF, Hyderabad, and NGO partners, was conducted across 20 districts in Karnataka with a focus group that included 513 adolescents (12-18 years), 501 men and 510 women (19 to 56 years).
Though the survey underscored the fears expressed by experts about inefficiency of online studies, it showed some positive trends regarding distribution of midday meals. According to it, 85 per cent of the respondents received midday meal ration during lockdowns, while only 15 per cent didn’t.
Almost 81 per cent said they got eggs and balamrutham (weaning food prepared from wheat, chana dal, milk powder, oil and sugar) as a part of supplementary nutrition food supplied from anganwadis to homes, while the rest didn’t. Almost 77 per cent said even after lockdowns were lifted, anganwadis ensured nutritious food reached children at home. Eighty-three per cent of households surveyed confirmed that even during these phases, monthly immunisation drives for children were on.
The shutting down of anganwadis forced 91 per cent households to leave their children alone at home while the other members were out on work. Nine per cent of the respondents said neighbours took care of their kids.

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