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4 out of 5 Indians set to change jobs this year


MUMBAI: In what indicates that India is mirroring the American phenomenon of ‘the great reshuffle’, 82% of the country’s workforce is considering changing jobs in 2022.
Leading the pack are freshers (94%) and Gen Z professionals (87%), according to a new job-seeker study by the online professional network, LinkedIn. Based on the responses of 1,111 workers in India, the survey – the findings of which were shared exclusively with TOI – shows that professionals are leaving their current jobs due to poor work-life balance (30%), not enough money (28%), or greater career ambitions (23%).
Ankit Vengurlekar, India managing editor, LinkedIn News, said the top three things professionals are looking at are flexible working arrangements (29%), sustainability/corporate responsibility element in the role (27%), and the opportunity to take the next step in their career paths/career progress (27%). “Overall, professionals in India are confident about their job roles (45%), careers (45%), and overall job availability (38%) getting better in 2022,” he said.
What’s alarming, however, is that 71% of professionals said they question their abilities at work more now than before the pandemic, while 63% said they suffer from “imposter syndrome”. Over 30% professionals said the pandemic has negatively impacted their confidence at work and the reasons behind such anxiety are, not surprisingly, a lack of face-to-face support from supervisors and peers (40%), having to take on new responsibilities (34%), and having to use more technology (31%).
Several reports suggest that pandemic-related disruptions have had a significant impact on mental health of people due to factors like isolation, increasing health concerns, and uncertainty about the future. Recently, Procter & Gamble India (P&G) announced that it has set up a task force of certified mental health first-aiders. This was done to strengthen its mental health support system. The first-aiders are P&G employees from different work groups who are trained to provide support and assist a person experiencing mental health issues and guide them towards professional help.
On the other hand, Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI), a personal philanthropy of Marico chairman Harsh Mariwala, launched a mental health toolkit for corporates to help them take preventive and proactive steps to ensure employee mental well-being.
In 2022, the LinkedIn survey said working women are more likely to quit their current job due to poor work-life balance, when compared to men. Over 2 in 5 (43%) working women (total 321 female respondents) are actively looking for a new job, primarily for better work-life balance (37%), and higher pay (30%). Working women are also more likely (49%) to say they will remain with their current employer if they get better pay, when compared to working men (39%).
“The top reasons that can convince professionals in India to stay with their current employer in 2022 include better salary (42%), more appreciation (36%), and improved work-life balance (34%),” said Vengurlekar. Affiliate marketing specialist, site reliability engineer, molecular biologist, wellness specialist and user experience researcher are among the top 15 fastest growing jobs in India according to LinkedIn’s ‘jobs on the rise 2022 India list’.

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