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A Moment with the Mayor: Lloydminster – a great place to live, work and shop


We often hear about surveys that rank communities in a number of areas or focus on one area. Over the past few years, Lloydminster has come out on top or in the top 10. Granted, we haven’t always liked our ranking on some social issues; however, we are a choice destination for several reasons.

Our community is young and vibrant. The current median age of residents is 34. Our residents are of all ages, from newborns to those who are centenarians. Our hospital is the place of birth for over 1,000 infants each year from our city and surrounding area. We have a wide variety of recreation opportunities that continue to expand, our arts community is vibrant, and we have a richly diverse culture of nationalities who call Lloydminster home. A large number of faith communities also serve the Lloydminster area.

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The job prospects for local youth and mature workers continue to grow. If you’re looking for an entry-level position in retail, or the trades, opportunities abound as want ads for all skillsets show up in and around the city. Employers in our city are always looking to attract and retain valuable employees. We’re grateful for all those newly trained college, university and trade schools who have chosen to get their education here or return to their roots, family and friends.

The retail options that exist in our community are endless. With new business licences continuing to increase year after year, a wide variety of new businesses are joining the marketplace to meet consumers’ needs and ever-growing demands. I always enjoy hearing about how people have discovered better deals in local stores than what they had found through online shopping. The same local businesses that continue to hire and employ our neighbours and friends. Additionally, the local businesses have rebounded from the numerous challenges of the last number of years. Please check out the businesses in and around our city before clicking on the online shopping experience.

Lloydminster has so much to offer our residents, businesses, and families as a community. Please join me in helping to support and to enjoy and grow our great community on all fronts.

Mayor Gerald S. Aalbers
City of Lloydminster

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