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A transcription of our chat with DC mayoral hopeful Shaely Wilbur


Q – Why now?  

A – I’ve thought about it – been there 11 years and three terms, we have been through some hard times and we aren’t through it yet. Whether that means federally provincial locally. I think I have the experience to be at the helm and guide council through the next four years.  

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Q – What are some hard times that city councillors have to deal with?

A – All communities go through it. You have to be fiscally responsible; as well as socially responsible. Navigating quality of life but maintaining infrastructure that no one sees. Council has done this we are doing roads, these pieces.  Hard are times with economic development pandemic related, business that never open doors again, ones that are struggling. Not that we haven’t had that-  but want to bring it to the forefront and ask what it looks like in the community.

Q – What do you bring as someone new who isn’t Dale Bumstead – who has also been on council for the last three terms? 

A –  We have great leaders over the years. Every time I walk the stairs to council Chambers, you see them on the walls. Everyone has to deal with different things. I’ve been there and I have the experience I think you need. I know what it takes to be a councillor, and have family support and time to make the decision. I want them to know there is a council seat open, and hopefully get elected and help bring their vision to the table as well.  

Q – Regardless – a new look to council either way. 

A – When you step up to run for mayor – successful as mayor or you are retiring as a councillor. That is the position I put myself in. Even if it was the same council re-elected –  it is still a new council. We do have councillors that hold other jobs –so I want people have the chance to look. Great people have said they’re looking at running. If you don’t have the support of your family and employer – you won’t get too fair.  

Q –  The ability to take criticism – sometimes a personal thing, or a decision made at council. Other times you are being taken to task for something that is not under your your purvey in any way– should you be elected how are you taking criticism?

A – I’m thick skinned. A Mother to five, Nana to nine. Not to much shocks me. You have to step back to have an open mind. You asked to remember that you asked for the job. With that come great times, and difficult times come with the job and be prepared to say yes when it is yes, and say no when it is no.

Q – Representing everyone – should you be elected you are to listen to concerns of supporters, as well as those who will flat out not vote for you. Has there mean more focus on this due to the pandemic. 

A – No. In all terms – you find moments. You cannot make everybody happy. The pandemic heightened things – we’ve seen divided community, divided families. I am always reminded of a single mother with two young boys, and a family fire. This community rallied and settled back in before Christmas. When needed – the community comes together. We need to deal with that

Families are now dealing with mental health and other stresses – never mind going to work or having a job. Hardworking people are feeling all kinds of frustration. Voters are all kinds – we have to navigate through this. Is it easy? No. Is it worth doing –yes.  

Q – Roles people think the mayor has in any city. You could be the mayor with six brand new faces on council. Are you prepared for that scenario?  

A –  Having the experience – have a bit of knowledge about what you can and cannot do. Procedures, protocols, policies – all these are pieces that are structural to the organization. When I was brand new – I had three months coming in I had some insight coming in. It is being open minded – and regardless if you are new or returning, it is a new council and every voice matters. I still have that focus. I think three terms as a councillor gives me the strength to be a good leader for whoever is sitting at the table.    

Q – What are you up to Spring into Summer?  

A – I’m not campaigning until it is time. Pre-pandemic I was looking at a councillor café now that thing have opened up I’ll put that out there on social media.,  but otherwise it is about getting out and vote. If not – someone else will. Utilize the right you have. This is the time to have your say. 



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