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Allianz job opening calls for Life Changers to be instruments of change in Philippines │ GMA News Online


Allianz PNB Life wants to help you build your legacy and secure your family’s future – not just with insurance, but with a business opportunity for those who are willing to work hard and build their business. Bataan‘s Celestials continues to work hand in hand with Olongapo‘s Mensa in carrying the same Allianz flag to reach a larger goal — ensuring financial stability for every Filipino family.

With the guidance of Managing Partner (MP) Nelly Gado and Agency Leader (AL) Mariel Quintero, the Bataan-based agency is expanding its team of Life Changers who are passionate about serving other people. Backed up with the technical knowledge of the financial services industry, they want recruits that will help clients secure their lives and have peace of mind for their future. Know more about being a Life Changer by signing up through our ad.

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Being a customer-centric agency means communicating

With Allianz, you will understand the importance of planning and ensuring a need to bridge the gap between financial needs. You can have a hand in changing the lives of others towards prosperity through life and income protection, from health, education, retirement planning, and business continuity programs.

“However, it is not just about the products and services available. Being a Life Changer is a noble job that creates a positive impact not only on your life but the lives of your family, friends, and clients,” AL Mariel said.

The Agency Leader is proud of being part of a customer-centric industry. “It (Being Customer Centric) is a skill or quality that every financial advisor should have. You are able to communicate with your client without misleading — empathizing with them,” AL Mariel said. “That way, you understand their needs, along with the methods you‘ll be able to provide them.”

Celestials Life Changers put their clients first, which is the mission-vision of Allianz. The vibrant group hopes to grow their agency of financial experts and agency partners to relay their knowledge and inspire clients with their best interest in mind.

Working with family calls for healthy competition

“Creating and building Celestials Agency is a milestone in my step towards being an entrepreneur,” MP Nelly said. The Managing Partner invested in her own office/branch so that she is able to reach and educate more Bataan residents on financial literacy.

Insurance is more than just a product to the Landero family, it is a business and a calling. As the sister of MP Russel Landero of Mensa Agency, it shows that it is possible to build a business that you are passionate about. Despite managing different agencies in Allianz, the siblings are still united under Allianz.

“The good thing is that we’re aligned. We have the same mission-vision. We also have the same learning programs, even client events where marketing presentations are done together,” MP Nelly said.

Working with a sibling, as you can imagine, has its advantages and disadvantages.

“The advantage is that you get to know more people and create a larger client base while knowing how the other one works,” MP Nelly said.

The Managing Partner reminds future Life Changers to stay humble because as risks, strategies, and products change, there will always be something to learn from the insurance industry.

Breed a new set of Life Changers

The long-term goal of MP Nelly and AL Mariel is to be role models for new financial advisors so that, in turn, they too can provide quality financial advice and service to their clients.

To MP Nelly and AL Mariel, being an Allianz Life Changer is more than providing insurance solutions – it’s about providing security despite the changing landscape. Celestials Life Changers aim to be present in all life stages of their clients because it is more than a business, it is their passion to bring confidence in tomorrow.

“Being an Allianz Life Changer is a reason to wake up in the morning,” MP Nelly said. “You wake up in the morning knowing that you can be an instrument of change, the course for someone to live a better life.”

Be that course, and help others build their legacy as an Allianz Life Changer.

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