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Amazon Go heads to the suburbs: Talking Tech podcast


Hit play on the player above to hear the podcast and follow along with the transcript below. This transcript was automatically generated, and then edited for clarity in its current form. There may be some differences between the audio and the text.

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Hey there, listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. Amazon Go is moving to the suburbs. You remember Amazon Go, right? This was the concept store that Amazon launched a while back that introduces cashierless technology. It allows you to walk in with your phone, open up your Amazon app, shop. You never have to confront a cashier, and you get charged on your app as you leave the store. The tech giant said it plans to open a new type of store aimed at serving customers in suburban area locations. The first of this kind will open in Mill Creek, Washington in the coming months. Amazon also plans to open a second ghost store in the Los Angeles area. Just like the other ghost stores that you’ve heard about and that you’ve likely seen in downtown areas like New York and in San Francisco, the location will leverage technology that allows customers to make purchases without ever interacting with a cashier.

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