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Answering Your Fall Travel Questions: Women Who Travel Podcast

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MC: So moving onto Christmas and December holidays, if you’re trying to plan something a little more proactively, McKayla in the group says she is looking for something special Hallmark-y, somewhere that feels distinctly Christmas-y, somewhere with a nice main street, maybe a Christmas market, but she was looking specifically for domestic locations because I think if we were talking international, we’d have some pretty solid ideas, Germany or a river cruise being main ones. But as far as U.S. Christmas-y destinations go, does anyone have big suggestions for McKayla?

LA: This is incredibly obvious and I’m not sure if she is as interested in a big city or she’s thinking of a small town, but obviously I’m going to suggest New York. I also think that after last year’s very strange, sad, half-closed winter, this Christmas in New York is, I think, going to be really, really special and it’s beautiful and it hits all the spots and there are so many cozy bars and there are so many small businesses which need your support more than ever right now. And New York winters are rough, but I will say that I think New York in December is still really beautiful. It’s before the cold has really got bitterly cold. And I just think there’s going to be a really great feel in the air this year.

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MC: If you’re looking for something a little smaller, I would suggest Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a relatively new Christmas market—I think this year will be the sixth year—but it really brings that kind of European Christmas market feel to Charlotte, there’s lots of Austrian food, Polish souvenirs, and you can get mugs of spiced glühwein. And you really can get in that Christmas spirit at their Christmas market, which is in uptown Charlotte. So if you want somewhere, it’s not going to be that cold, but somewhere…

MS: Which might be what you’re looking for.

MC: Exactly. I would suggest Charlotte and their christmas market goes for like the whole month from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so you have plenty of time.

LA: I’m also in full support of the glühwein. Because I cannot express my devastation when I moved to America and discovered that hot cider is not in fact alcoholic. I was just,

MS: Oh wait, it should be.

LA: Not the ones I’ve had.

MC: It’s just hot apple juice.

MS: I would also say my favorite affordable way to do a trip right at Christmas time is just like find, instead of trying to, if you’re trying to meet up with family or friends, see if you can go where someone already lives, just because like I know accommodations can get so expensive at that time. And I also feel like most small cities usually have some things going on that are nice for the holidays. So it can be a way to do it affordably too.

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