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Audio of Cobb County residents sought for time capsule


“He wanted to do a follow-up piece and he wanted to do portraits of people in the community but he also wanted to capture kind of their stories,” Beemon said.

In addition to the audio, between 10 to 15 people will be asked to expand on their stories and be a part of a portrait series with Hadley, Beemon said.

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Portrait consideration will end April 24, but audio stories will still be accepted after this date.

Cobb Stories is hoping this project or future projects will serve as a reminder of how much the world has changed.

“Not to do it every single year, but to kind of revisit, you know, as the world changes, or you know, as we feel like we want to, and kind of do a new capture and just kind of keep that timeline going,” Beemon said.

The photo and audio exhibit will debut May 7 at the M2R TrailFest in downtown Marietta as a part of the M2R Fence Gallery, a yearlong traveling art exhibit.

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