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Bike.com Celebrates National Bike to Work Week


The Company’s Own Line of Denago eBikes Offers a Greener Way To Commute to Work

DALLAS, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bike.com – an online marketplace that serves as a one-stop-shop for bicyclists of all levels – offers their own line of eBikes to make your commute to work greener and easier on the wallet. The e-commerce platform welcomes anyone interested in riding to explore their line of products and chat with their support team to learn how a Denago eBike will elevate their travel experience during National Bike to Work Week May 16-22.

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High gas prices are a painful reality these days, but riding an eBike is a great way to dodge that big bill at the gas pump. In addition to saving you money, using an eBike is also a better choice for the planet.

“We want to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle with our line of Denago eBikes,” said David Duecker, CEO of Bike.com. “Our team of industry experts and bike aficionados designed our eBikes to ensure a quality rider experience. We hope that after people test our bikes during National Bike to Work Week, they will be inspired to upgrade their daily commute.”

Every Denago eBike model from Bike.com guarantees a pleasant and easy riding experience. Comfort geometry enables a relaxed ride while allowing you to keep an eye on the road. Additionally, the bike has a wide, padded saddle, as well as an adjustable stem that lets you adjust the handlebar position to suit your needs.

Denago’s eBike line includes multiple features that promote a sustainable lifestyle and make commuting to work hassle-free. Among the features of the eBike are a high-capacity battery for more range, a powerful 500 watt hub motor, the 48 volt electric system with pedal assist and throttle, an easy-to-read LCD display and real-world range testing. Moreover, the 652.8Wh battery with premium LG cells allows you to go further between charges. When you’re done, the battery can be charged both on and off the bike, using the included 3A fast charger in just 3-4 hours – 50% faster than many competing eBikes.

EBikes emit little to no carbon dioxide per mile, as opposed to passenger vehicles that emit about 404 grams of carbon dioxide per mile. Using an electric bike while commuting to work is also a smart way to save money, rather than using a car with gasoline, maintenance and insurance and parking expenses. Bikes.com’s Denago eBikes are a great choice for anyone looking to celebrate National Bike to Work Week in style this year.

For more information, and to learn about the range of services and products offered, visit Bike.com.

About Bike.com
Bike.com is an all-inclusive e-commerce platform designed for bicyclists of all experience levels. Launched in Dallas in 2022, Bike.com is a community where anyone interested in riding can come to learn, explore and purchase a bike, while also enjoying a best-in-class customer experience. They currently offer their own line of Denago eBikes, and plan to expand later this year to help every person get where they need to go.

Their Denago City 1 Top-Tube and Step-Thru eBikes come in a variety of colors and

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