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Black Friday is near: Talking Tech podcast


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Hey there listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m sure by now you either dived fork first into turkey and stuffing and all that fun stuff, or you’re waiting for your turkey to cook. Either way, I hope you are enjoying the holiday. Tomorrow, though, is going to be a big one if you are getting ready to start shopping for the holidays. It’s Black Friday. This is where you get deals coming from everywhere, whether it’s stores, in-store, or whether it’s online through places like Amazon and Walmart, and countless other retailers. It’s going to be super busy. And of course, the thing you want to do most is find those perfect gifts for your loved ones, while also maybe saving a little money too. Joining us now to talk more about this and to help you save and find the gifts that you want for this holiday is USA Today Consumer Reporter Kelly Tyko. Kelly, thanks so much for being here.

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