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Bongbong willing to work with opposition if elected president │ GMA News Online


Survey frontrunner Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said Wednesday that if he wins the presidential election in May, he is willing to work with the opposition.

At a Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum, Marcos was asked if he would “extend his hand of unity” to his political rivals after the election on May 9.

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“Of course, as far as I’m concerned, when the election is done, the election is done. It’s time to get to work,” said Marcos, who has called for national unity at campaign rallies across the country.

“I go back again to competence. I will not ask for somebody to join the government because they were in the opposition neither will I exclude them from the list of possible people who can join because they were in the opposition,” he added.

If elected president, Marcos said he wants to spend his first 100 days in office filling government posts with “brilliant people.” 

“I think the first 100 days should be spent filling positions in government with brilliant people, the best people you can find, the best people for that particular job. Whatever it is, if it’s in the bureaucracy, in the department, or one of the Cabinet departments,” the former senator said.

“We have to find the people who know that job, who have been working at it, maybe in the private sector, maybe in the public sector. But those who have a great deal of expertise and can bring that expertise to bear on that job,” he added.

No matter how good his plans are, according to Marcos, “if you put an idiot there to run it, nothing will happen.” — VBL, GMA News

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