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County to work on enhancing communications strategies | Local News


County commissioners spent an hour Tuesday morning at a workshop figuring out how to improve communications between government and citizens.

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Holly Davis


Commissioner Holly Davis summed it up: Explain it right the first time to reduce complaints and reduce misinformation.

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The board gave staff the green light to continue to come up with ways to enhance communications to better get the word out. That’s especially important, Davis said, while the county and residents craft a strategic plan for Citrus County.

County spokeswoman Veronica Kampschroer said staff hopes to do all this in-house and only use outside help if needed.

Kampschroer said it would take $51,609 to initiate all its communications goals.

Public branding also came up during the workshop. Having an easily recognizable identity helps get messages out faster and more effectively.

To that end, Kampschroer will explore redesigning and modernizing the current Citrus County logo.

Ron Kitchen Jr.


County Commission Chairman Ron Kitchen Jr., as he has done numerous times at public gatherings, criticized the local media for failing to get accurate news out to residents so he said it’s incumbent on county staff to take over that job. He did not cite any examples of media inaccuracy.

Because this was a workshop, no votes were taken. Staff will return at a future date to update the board on its communications plan.

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