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Delhi: Ban on construction work, entry of trucks lifted


The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) on Monday lifted the restrictions on construction and demolition activities in Delhi-NCR in view of an improvement in air quality. The entry of trucks into Delhi will also be permitted with immediate effect, the order said.

Agencies undertaking construction and demolition activities must strictly comply with dust control norms, the order said.

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For construction sites located in Delhi and the NCR districts of Uttar Pradesh, agencies with project sites measuring 500 square meters or more are required to register their projects on a web portal developed for online monitoring of dust mitigation norms.

The CAQM order noted that the AQI in Delhi has improved from the ‘very poor’ category and has been in the ‘poor’ category consistently for the last three days.

In an order issued on Nov 16, the CAQM had asked to stop all construction and demolition activities in the NCR till Nov 21. The Supreme Court, in an order on Nov 24, re-imposed the ban. On Dec 17, the CAQM eased the restrictions on constructions for projects including hospitals, highways and flyovers, and sanitation and public utility projects like sewage treatment plants.

The entry of trucks carrying non-essentials had been banned, except for those running on CNG and electric trucks.

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