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Destigmatising Online Sex Work and OnlyFans Coaching; Audrey Aura Discusses


The sex work industry is still highly stigmatised, including the online segment such as OnlyFans users, despite the roaring success the site has had since the start of the global pandemic. Audrey Aura is a top 0.4% creator on the site and is talking out about the struggles that creators face on a daily basis, and how she is attempting to fight the stigma of sex work.

Aura entered the online sex work industry by creating an OnlyFans account in March 2020, at only 22 years old, after being interested in the industry for many years. Aura states, “I remember watching a lot of documentaries about cam girls, reading books and articles about them, and just admiring their empowered personalities. It’s always been an industry that peaked my interest, but I didn’t think I had the confidence to join since I’ve been plus size my whole life.”

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Along with not feeling as though she had the confidence, Aura states that she worried about what others may have thought about her decisions. “I worried about what others may think of me if I were to make an OnlyFans, and that’s why I kept it from my family in the beginning. Once I started to see some traction and actually become quite successful, I felt more comfortable sharing the details with those close to me. Now that I think about it, I was just using my success as an excuse, to convince others that it wasn’t just a bad decision.” Aura explains.

It’s no secret that sex workers are looked down upon by most of society. Since the pandemic, the industry has become somewhat normalised but there is still a very long road until the workers are respected as they would be in any other career. “Majority of men watch porn and that’s normal, right? Those videos they’re watching most likely feature females. So why is it that they can watch and enjoy the content, and are even expected to, but the people within the content are seen as less than? Why are they allowed to explore their sexuality, but females need to remain pure and innocent?” Aura continues, “Growing up as a woman, we’re told to wait for the right person, don’t have sex with anyone outside of your relationships, or even wait until marriage. Any form of sexuality or experimenting was frowned upon and we were immediately labeled as ‘whores’ or ‘sluts’. Men get a hall pass to basically do whatever they want without questions.”

Aura aims to help de-stigmatise the industry by speaking out about difficult discussions such as this one, normalising the topic of sex work, and by empowering others who are interested in joining the industry. Aura is set to launch ‘The OnlyHustle: Ultimate Masterclass’, an intensive course on everything there is to know about being successful on OnlyFans, on Tuesday 10th of May. The Masterclass includes 12 Modules & 65 Lessons. It is the first coaching of it’s kind, covering everything from the basics of the trade, to the insider secrets, not leaving any small detail out. VIP packages and monthly payment plans will also be available.

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