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Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat system will work on Steam Deck, after all


As the Steam Deck launch date approaches, Valve and a number of game developers are making a push to smooth out compatibility issues arising from the handheld’s Linux-based operating system, which uses software called Proton to run Steam games that don’t support Linux natively. One concern has been that anti-cheat software won’t easily make the transition, but Valve says it has solved one big chunk of that problem: Epic’s popular Easy Anti-Cheat system should now work on the Steam Deck without any big hassle for developers.

Earlier this month, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 developer Fatshark replied to a Steam discussion thread about Easy Anti-Cheat Steam Deck support, saying that it would be difficult because the software is split into two versions: a supported version that uses Epic Online Services (a free set of cross-platform multiplayer services that Epic offers game developers) and an unsupported version that doesn’t. Vermintide 2 uses the older version of the anti-cheat software, and the developer said it would need to look into creating a separate Steam Deck version of the game to get it working. The Dead By Daylight developer suggested that it was in the same predicament.

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