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Google will improve Live Transcribe’s automatic transcription to work offline

Live Transcribe

Google Artificial Intelligence plans to improve an application that is really useful on Android: Instant Transcription or Live Transcribe. This app, which allows turn everything that sounds around into words (even noises), will offer the transcript offline. The option is ready to reach the app, according to its code.

Accessibility is one of the environments where Google is most focused within Android. With the latest versions, said accessibility has grown in functions with the addition of improve your chances thanks to Artificial Intelligence. That’s where voice recognition and transcription come in – automatic captions are a good example. And Live Transcribe, an app that makes life easier for people with visual difficulties. It’s a little wonder made of software.

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Voice-to-text transcription without internet

Live Transcribe

You Theming Material in Instant Transcript 4.6

Until now, Instant Transcription made use of the Internet connection to perform its magic: Google captures the audio from the environment, uploads it to its servers to recognize words and sounds, and sends the text to the phone in one process that is done live and instantaneously. Since a connection error is enough to ruin the experience, Live Transcribe is preparing its offline operation.

As they discovered in XDA Developers after analyzing the latest APK of Live Transcribe (version 4.6) with a magnifying glass, Google has introduced the first trace in the app that indicates its future offline operation. Specific, Live Transcribe will offer the option to download language packs in order to carry out the speech recognition, analysis and transcription processes locally, without sending the data to Google servers.

Live Transcribe will allow the download of the language pack just like other Google applications do, such as the translator. And it will not only transcribe the words that are spoken in the environment, the application will continue to recognize the sounds in order to warn the user, also offline. For example, Live Transcribe will alert if the doorbell rings, if a dog is barking, or if an object has fallen to the ground.

Live Transcribe

Noise alerts in Instant Transcript

In addition to offline operation, Live Transcribe includes Material You in the design of the application: it adapts to the wallpaper as long as the mobile has Android 12. Automatic customization is now available, offline mode not yet. Maybe Google will wait for the Pixel 6 event to activate it.

Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Google
  • Download: For Android on Google Play

Via | XDA Developers

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