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Grand Bay’s new MP ‘ready to work’


Dr. Henderson delivers his victory speech on Thursday night after the results had been announced

Grand Bay’s new parliamentary representative, Dr. Vince Henderson, says he is ready to work for his constituency to the best of his ability by bringing benefit and opportunity to his people.

Henderson, who represented the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) secured a total of 1229 votes to win yesterday’s by-election in Grand Bay. His main opponent Julius “handbag” Gabriel obtained 161 votes with the third candidate Clarington Bacchus Andrew (Twawoche) receiving 3 votes.

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Henderson delivered his victory speech in Lalay, Grand Bay last night following the announcement of the results.

“You deserve the best and I will work to the best of my ability. I will bring the benefit of my experience and training and I will serve you with compassion because I understand you.  I am one of you, whether you are from the back street of St. Joseph or the back street of Grand Bay, it’s the same vibe,” he stated.

The former Dominican diplomat expounded on his desire to regain the “prominence” of the constituency stating that this can only be achieved if the community works together.

“Tonight, all I ask of you is to believe in me but more importantly, to work with me. I need you to hold my hand and I need you to be there. I need you to have my back because when I go out there fighting for you, I want to know that you are standing right there for me,” he said.

In thanking his team, campaign manager and many volunteers, Henderson revealed that in all the years that he served as the national campaign manager for the DLP, this is the first time he has seen a political machinery with such magnitude.

“We in Grand Bay, we have the best political machinery because to pull though what we did today, it takes a serious team to do that and I can tell you, it was not easy but we did it, you did it.”

He further promised not to disappoint the young people who voted for the DLP and vowed to work to lift them up.

“I want you to be willing so that when we extend a hand you will take it so that you can lift yourself up. We will work to create opportunities for you so that you can get good employment, training and to build on the legacy that have been left before me.”

Henderson thanked the late Pierre Charles (Prime Minister of Dominica from 2000 to 2004 and Member of Parliament for Grand Bay) who, he said, sacrificed his life for Grand Bay and whose contribution to Dominica, according to the new MP, is underrated. He also thanked Mr. John Fabian, Justina Charles and Edward Registe for their service in the constituency.

“We have to build Grand Bay in the memory of those who were lost and those who served. This is why I call on you to work with me, hold my hand, to stand behind me and sometimes before me.”

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