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Grudge campaign against councillor – your views online


Councillor Kate Campbell, Convener of the Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work committee

Nothing cowardly about that. The public vote but are never listened to. The public take part in online council questionnaires and are ignored. This is a great way to reach the public. They come out with their derogatory words and attacks because they feel the criticism a little closer than just being able to hide online or behind the walls of their cushy council offices.

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Nasty grudge campaign? The SNP really have let the power go to their heads. Why do they think they’re above reproach from the very people that elected them into power in the first place!

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Where is the promise to reform council tax to make it a true progressive tax, raising more money to support key services? Nowhere, because the SNP don’t want to upset their better off supporters.

No surprise that a Green councillor jumps to her defence. They too are complicit in the withdrawal of essential services for the most vulnerable people of our society. The banner is truthful. She has been no supporter of the ordinary people of her constituency.

A cowardly form of bullying and hate campaign. If they wanted credibility they should have added photos of themselves and names. There are other ways to complain if needed and not put a woman at risk from going about her work.

Keyboard warriors and cowards that do this kind of stuff. Kate is sound, very hard working and all about the community in my opinion. Has helped me with my community work in the past.

I dealt with Kate a few years ago. I’d had an issue with the HMRC. They’d messed me about for about four months so I spoke to the local MP’s office, she picked it up on my behalf and had it sorted within two days. Found her to be very helpful.

All those who know Kate Campbell recognise what a committed and hard-working councillor she is. This is nothing more than a sleekit, well-funded Tory attack on the SNP before the local elections next year. Remember, Glasgow City Council was targeted with exactly the same hatred just a few weeks ago pre-Cop26, before receiving international praise during the summit. These cowardly, anonymous attacks on Edinburgh are designed to deflect attention away from the growing concerns about Tory sleaze and corruption at Westminster. It’s easier to spread hatred and lies about your opponents when you have nothing to offer yourself.

All the people complaining that the council they are not doing this and that. If you think you can do better, put your name forward for election next May.

This from the same people who think Tories from another country should govern over Scotland.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson mistakenly said the climate summit was held ‘in Edinburgh’ during a Downing Street press conference

Give him a break, he doesn’t know how many kids he has, how’s he supposed to remember something as incidental as this?

To be fair, Scotland is a foreign country to him. It’s geography is unfamiliar and alien in his mind.

Considering he’s an utter buffoon while awake and he slept half the time, that doesn’t shock anyone.

Doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t know what the single market was, doesn’t know how many kids he has, doesn’t know telling the world he isn’t corrupt does not make him not corrupt.

Alexandra Ure McMurdo Mackinnon

Is it just me or does Boris always have that look on his face as if he’s just broken a hotel trouser press while trying to reheat a meat pie?

Well, as least he got the right country I suppose.

Those Scots all look the same.

The man is an embarrassment to us all. Why are we surprised?

Blame it on climate change.

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