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How Business Can Benefit From Transcription services


Nowadays business is not only about communication and data analysis. Speaking in simple words, you have to understand how the Internet works since most of the products and services might be sold through the Web.

If your business is not connected with music or video, you will definitely add them. At least you need a video explainer for some of your services. Why? It involves more users, increases the site rating and even increases the sales rates.

Order Transcription Services

Finally, video provides many unique options to promote your business. One of them is about transcription. We want to tell you more about this thing and its impact on business in present days. Moreover, we want to explain how you can benefit from business transcription services.

What is transcription?

Some of you may wonder about this concept. Transcription is a text version of audio or video. For example, to create subtitles for Youtube videos, you have to make a transcription with timings first. 

This concept is very important for promoting goods. Most companies even use business transcription service to get everything as fast as possible and with the highest quality. So how do audio or video transcription services improve your business and increase your sales?

Saves Your Time

Video and audio transcription to text is quite a complex task. You have to do it accurately and set up timings for every phrase or even a word. The low-quality transcription might even harm your website (Youtube channel, etc) rating. 

For example, to transcribe a one-hour video, you need at least 4 hours. And if the voices are unclear, you may even spend up to 10-hours. Thus, you need to spend a whole day to make a transcription for one video.

Audio transcription services can cope with such a task within 2 hours since they have the best hardware and software. What’s more, they have a qualified team of transcribers. Transcription companies can assign a one-hour video to 5 people at the same time. Thus, transcription will be completed faster.

Saves your Money

Of course, you can hire a professional transcriber to your company. Yet, try to count the spendings:

  • salary;
  • medical insurance;
  • the workplace;
  • bonuses and others.

You need to spend a lot of money on one person in your staff, while transcription services might be even cheaper than the salary of one employer. What’s more, using professional transcription services you get a guarantee of high-quality. Otherwise they will refund the whole cost of their services. Would your staff member refund the whole salary and bonuses if he won’t finish the task properly?

Allows to Focus On Other Goals

You need about 5 minutes to order a video or audio transcription. Moreover, you can upload several files simultaneously and concentrate on other objectives. In other words, you won’t overload yourself and your employers with boring listening to hours of video and audio files. Thus, they can concentrate on the main goal: delivering the best products or services to your customers.

Provides The Flexibility

We bet that you provide goods or services worldwide or want to do this. Thus, you have to create content in different languages at the same time. It is obvious that you can hire a freelancer who knows the needed language. 

Yet try to guess, how many freelancers do you need to transcribe a video for 80 countries? Moreover, freelancers won’t give a guarantee of fast turnaround and high-quality work. They can immediately disappear, so you will need to search for a new transcriber.

An online company with a good reputation will not disappear. Such companies have a good staff of writers and transcribers from all over the world. And of course they assure the services for almost all languages.

Protects the Data

The one more thing that you definitely need while doing a business is security. Of course, some freelancers are honest and won’t sell your data or use it for their own purposes. However, there is no guarantee of such a result.

Professional companies are obliged to protect your data. Firstly, this is about their reputation. They can’t scam on customers since it will harm the rating. Secondly, if they don’t protect your data or use it for their own purposes, they will be punished legally. It may even lead to a permanent ban on doing any business.

Finally, they can guarantee the highest level of protection since they use the latest technologies to protect their own data. Thus, online transcription companies can ensure all the guaranties for data security.

The final insight

Professional transcription services can increase your business results within several weeks (or at least months), save your time and money. They don’t need much information to start working on your video or audio.

So, if you need to transcribe video to text, don’t waste your time and order professional help right now! 

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