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With the increase in working remotely and virtual meetings, meeting transcription software has come in handy. It assisted many businesses in a smooth process while running their virtual business. It offers an opportunity to record and translate meetings and keep important calls and meetings well recorded to find them easily. Still, it also ensures effective communication among employees and clients of the business.

Good communication in the business will lead to increased productivity among the employees and client retention. Online meeting transcription is offered in zoom meetings, and it is equipped with speech to text tools; after meetings, you will find a word for word transcription offered to the participant, which they can reference later.

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Benefits of meeting transcription

Improved comprehension

The brain can remember visual information higher than it would information that one heard. Since transcription involves translating the video or audio into written text, it offers a visual format to participants over the audio version. The transcription software does the transcription as the audio and video are going on, ensuring that one can read and listen simultaneously.

Increased engagement in meetings

Having transcribed meetings will increase the participation of people since transcription is generated on the meeting window as it is going on. There is no need to write minutes and take notes as the meeting is going on, as you will get a written version at the end of it all. There will be increased engagement and no time wasted as people are bent down jolting down notes.

Reduces miscommunication

Having a full copy of the meeting’s dialogue will reduce miscommunication. Whenever there is a misunderstanding on what was discussed and agreed upon, people can always go back to the dialogue. Transcriptions provide organisations with written evidence of given commitments which will lead to people knowing that there is written evidence of them committing.

Allows working remotely

Employees and clients can work in their perfect remote areas and tune in to their meetings without worrying about being absent. You will find people working in their homes, coffee houses or even tuning in to meetings while stuck in traffic.

As remote work becomes increasingly popular, transcription goes back to the written transcription that is offered by the software. Even when one chooses to mute the meeting or log in and attend to something else, they will be able to get the meeting minutes.

Allows for audience accessibility

All virtual events and meetings should be accessible to participants who may include people with hearing impairments. Transcription allows them to access them since it is offered in writing as the meeting is going on.

Meetings are accessible and are provided for international participants who may speak the language the meeting is being held at. Through transcriptions, the proceedings of the meetings can be translated into a language that any participant understands. Every translation is usually at the highest level of accuracy to ensure that all participants get the same information.

Improves business SEO

Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to audio, and therefore uploading a transcribed file will lead to website traffic which may come from people searching for specific keywords.

If you put up a transcribed advertisements text, more customers who are looking for the exact services or products you are offering are more likely to find you using the exact keywords that you use on your website.

Recording live webinars and conference events is a good marketing approach which will lead to an improved SEO which is resulted from an improved online presence.

Data protection

Data protection is important when using transcription to ensure that the information and meeting content does not fall into the wrong hands and the information is used against the company instead of for the company.

Personal information about clients should be ensured that it is well secured. It is therefore important to choose a transcription software like Verbit that has security measures that ensure that all information is secured a day and not be accessed by any third party.

Time efficiency

Turning of speech to text as well as all company minutes saves the company a lot of time to make notes both in meetings and while taking phone calls.

There will be no need to hire a transcribed, which takes more time and is expensive; hence transcription software offers a fast cost-efficient option as they transcribe as the meeting goes on or within minutes of uploading the file you would like transcribed.

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