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Important for BN component parties to work closely to win big in GE15, says Dr Mah


IPOH: After winning two seats at the Melaka polls, MCA is hopeful of winning big in the 15th General Election, says Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon.

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The MCA deputy president said it was important for the party to work and cooperate closely with the other Barisan Nasional component parties to ensure a greater victory.

“Despite facing challenges during the 14th General Election, MCA is confident that the people are placing their trust in Barisan.

“It was not only MCA that faced defeat in the last election, but other component parties as well, but thanks to persistent effort, we have risen again,” he told reporters after launching the Perak MCA state convention here Saturday (Nov 27).

Dr Mah said all component parties of Barisan, including MCA, are determined to play a greater role in helping the people.

On the automatic voters registration, Dr Mah said it was important for MCA to disseminate the correct and accurate information to the group aged between 18 and 21.

He said since it would be the first time those in this age category would be voting, proper information delivered to them was vital.

“We don’t want them getting inaccurate information from other unreliable sources.

“The party’s machinery is already doing the necessary ground works,” he said.

Dr Mah said with the recent election results in Melaka, it was a clear indicator that the people wanted stability in the country.

“We must continue to ensure a stable economy, and attract more investors into the country.

“A political crisis is definitely not the answer in solving such issues,” he added.

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