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To the editor:

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The recent editorial, “Keep it civil at school board meetings, with teachers” speaks of the importance of parents talking to teachers if they have questions about what their children are learning in school.

Also included is the following information, “And if there are questions or concerns about the curriculum, or any other part of their child’s education, parents should absolutely feel welcome to come voice those concerns to the people they elected.” I am writing to state, upon the encouragement of Marshall School Board chairman, Jeff Chapman, parents should contact their child’s teacher or principal first.

Of recent concern, expressed by parents in many school districts, is the state survey taken by highschool students in grades 9 and 11. Parents may choose to opt out of having their student take the survey. The concern rises partly because the parent letter, listing topics included, does not state gender questions will be asked of the student. Some school districts have chosen to opt out of having students take the survey because of these specific questions.

It is not always a comfortable feeling approaching a subject of concern with someone, but it is the best way to communicate.

Trudy Madetzke


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