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Managers crucial to healthy hybrid work culture in Nigeria


Managers have been described as critical elements to hybrid work culture in Nigeria.

Country Manager for Microsoft Nigeria, Ola Williams, stated this while highlighting details of this year’s Microsoft Work Index, a yearly data-driven analysis of key changes within the working world.

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She stated that by combining insights from studies of thousands of people, trillions of productivity signals in Microsoft 365 and labour trends on LinkedIn, the Index has become a benchmark for organisations looking to better understand their employees in this era of uncertainty.

Williams further noted that: “For most working professionals across the world, the past two years have been characterised by surprises at every turn – but for many, one of the most unexpected developments has been the decision by management to make a full-time return to the office.

“Findings from the Index show Nigerian companies may be missing an opportunity where their employees are concerned. It didn’t take long after the lockdown began easing for businesses across the country to return to the office. But this means many Nigerian professionals are missing out on the benefits of a more flexible work environment.

“Many of their global counterparts who have had the opportunity to experience working from home over the past couple of years are showing a clear preference for hybrid work. What’s more, there is an added danger of a potential disconnect between business leaders and employees. This was a key trend highlighted in the 2022 Work Trend Index. In fact, there’s a growing consensus among managers that leaders have lost touch with staff.

“The past two years have taught us that culture will stand or fall with managers. As the people who embody the culture for every organisation, managers are a critical bridge between evolving employee expectations and leadership priorities.”

She concluded that: “While the policy is set at the top, leaders need to decentralise decision-making and empower managers to make the change on behalf of their employees’ individual needs. Developing clear guidelines and agreements, like the ones in this template put together by Microsoft, can provide managers with the framework needed for hybrid work.”


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