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MT: 7 Brilliant Transcription Software for Interviews


MD: Are you a journalist and often have to transcribe interviews manually? Perhaps you should delegate this task to professionals and spend your free time on more important things? We have collected the top 7 best transcription software with an excellent reputation on the web!

H1 Top 7 Transcription Software for Interviews

Transcription of audio interviews is a special kind of transcription. When transcribing an interview, a journalist must clearly understand what is essential in a person’s speech, what will be interesting to readers, and how to accurately convey the sentence’s meaning.

The interview transcript for the press should be as complete as possible, even including some flaws in speech. At the same time, it is essential to preserve a person’s voice, emotion, and lively speech.

This task takes too much time because rewriting and listening are responsible assignments. Distortion of any statement can negatively affect the reputation of both the journalist and the print media.

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Therefore, many journalists delegate this task to professional human transcribers or artificial intelligence with powerful speech recognition tools. If you have realized that you need to allocate time properly to become more productive, find a transcriptionist assistant.

We have compiled the top 7 best transcription software with reasonable prices, an excellent online reputation, and honest guarantees.

H2 Transcriberry

A transcriber is speech-to-text software that includes the most extensive help. The company specializes in transcribing interviews on medicine, law, engineering, education, literature, and more. No matter how complex the terminology is, Transcriber will do a great job – thousands of positive reviews testify to this.

In addition to the extensive functionality, the company is famous for its honest approach to work. The first thing we will consider is a transparent and fair pricing policy. The company has developed an online calculator to win the client’s trust.

You specify the recording duration, and the system automatically calculates the cost of the order – the platform charges by the minute. Because the price is fixed, you reduce the risk of paying hidden fees.

The second thing we paid attention to is 100% security. Transcriber employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. The company also uses modern data encryption tools. Therefore, no hacker will be able to steal your records or bank details.

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The third point that clients appreciate the most is a well-coordinated team of professional transcriptionists. The company cooperates only with the best editors, linguists, and journalists who have experience with transcription.

Strict selection of employees allows the platform to guarantee timely delivery and high quality. The experts always deliver the papers on time, not making grammatical or lexical errors. Moreover, the articles fully reflect the essence of the audio recording.

Another feature of the platform is the presence of two types of transcription: manual and automatic. Manual transcription involves working with people who have a good knowledge of writing.

Automatic transcription involves cooperation with artificial intelligence – this option is perfect for urgent orders. You will have to pay $1.25 per minute by choosing the first service. You will have to pay 25 cents per minute by selecting the second service. In any case, you will save time!

H2 Rev

Rev is an audio or video to text service made up of thousands of experienced and trusted transcriptionists, subtitlers, and translators. The Rev team helps journalists transcribe interviews into text that you can edit, save, and export in various formats. Also, automatic transcription based on artificial intelligence is available here, which recognizes speech quite well and correctly distributes punctuation marks.

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The platform is famous for its convenience and ease of use. To use the manual transcription service, you need to upload a file or paste a web URL into the field provided. Then one of the experts, over 66,000 of them, will decipher the recording.

The accuracy of the document will be 99%. The expert will send you the finished paper in a convenient format that you can change if necessary using their built-in editing tools.

As for the delivery time, they are worth it. If your entry does not exceed 30 minutes, the expert will deliver the paper within 12 hours. The platform is ready to deliver the paper in 3 hours for double payment.

At the same time, the platform works with the most complex files containing different accents, background noise, or multiple speakers. Pricing is affordable for the average American:

  • Manual transcription is $1.25 per minute.
  • Machine transcription is 25 cents per minute.
  • English subtitles are $1.25 per minute.
  • Foreign subtitles are $3-7 per minute.

H2 Transcribe

Transcribe is a transcription service based entirely on artificial intelligence. This platform is suitable for those journalists who have a large flow of articles. The program can recognize a person’s voice in a matter of minutes and issue a text version of an audio recording with 90% accuracy.

A feature of the platform is slow-motion playback of the recording. This feature allows the platform to decipher words more accurately and correctly distribute punctuation marks. In case of difficulties in using this tool, the platform provides a help file explaining all the program’s functions.

What other exciting features does Transcribe have? The tool allows you to create subtitles for videos and export transcripts as WebVTT or SRT files. You can then use these video subtitles on social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

Users also appreciate the platform for such features:

  • Automatic text expander for abbreviations.
  • Automatic pause and resume sound.
  • Works without internet connection.

The pricing plans for the above services are pretty simple. The company offers two packages: self-transcription and automatic transcription.

The first package costs $20 a year and includes unlimited dictation and editing tools; the second package costs $20 per year + $6 per audio hour. In this case, all editing and decoding work will be done by artificial intelligence.

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H2 Trint

Trint is a transcription website suitable for Mac or Windows users. To use the transcription services of this company, all you need is a browser. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing transcription services software, Trint’s online assistant is a good alternative.

Users note Trint as the most versatile platform, allowing them to transcribe a recording on their own using built-in tools or turn to the best transcribers for help. Also, customers appreciate the platform for fast service, security guarantees, and low error rates.

Suppose the services of professional transcriptionists turn out to be expensive for you, and at the same time, you do not have good knowledge in this field. In that case, the company provides automatic transcription based on artificial intelligence. The smart machine can recognize the voices of several languages ​​and includes different English language dialects.

In addition to providing speech recognition services and editing tools, the company can add captions to video files. This can be done directly on the website or on social networks to post video content. We also want to mention their iPhone app, which provides access on the go, which is very convenient for a journalist.

As for the pricing policy, it is diverse:

  • Starter plan for $48 per month.
  • Advanced plan for $60 per month.
  • The Pro plan for $68 per month.
  • Pro Team plan for $68 per month.
  • Corporate plan for individual rates.

You can visit the platform for a more detailed description of the plans. In turn, we will only note that it is better to pay an annual tariff, saving 20% ​​of the monthly cost.

H2 Express Scribe

Express Scribe provides automatic transcription in the shortest possible time. This tool is completely free and can connect to audio players via Bluetooth or integrate with phones and computers via USB.

Express Scribe is the only platform where developers don’t charge users for using their artificial intelligence. You need to upload the file, and the tool will decrypt the recording with 80% accuracy. If the final version of the text does not suit you, you can use their editing tools. Note that the program works best with Microsoft Word.

You can install the tool on both Windows and Mac. At the same time, the platform supports various types of files, so you do not have to worry about formatting them. You can also control the speed of audio playback, manage files and give access to your team.

H2 Inqscribe

Inqscribe is a new product in the transcription market. However, users have already managed to evaluate the advantages of the platform. The feature of the software is its simple interface. A beginner who does not understand anything in transcription can quickly adapt to the functions of this program.

After installing the tool, the developers offer to read the detailed instructions for using the software. Also, during transcription, you can see additional recommendations that simplify and speed up the work. Another advantage is the glossary of standard transcription terms included in the program.

Here you can download the most famous video or audio formats and manually transcribe them using editing tools, slow motion playback, and more to get the desired result. An additional feature is the creation of subtitles that you can attach to any video content. Inqscribe is only suitable for Windows users – a Mac version is under development.

Despite the simple interface, the developers have not stinted on features. For example, the program is compatible with Windows Media, locks pitch to prevent voice distortion, works with multiple export formats, and supports various languages. You can purchase this transcription editor for $99.

H2 Otter

Otter is an online tool that allows you to record voice on the go and transcribe it simultaneously. This program is a godsend for journalists because it is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Thus, the platform is available on mobile devices and at any time when conducting an interview.

The developers have created several options for editing transcripts and sharing files. The advantage is the free version, which allows users to transcribe up to 600 minutes of recordings per month.

Therefore, this limit will be enough for journalists with a small stream of article creation. If you want to expand the limit, you can purchase the Premium version, which will cost you $8 to $20, depending on the number of minutes.

In addition to AI-based voice recognition, the software can interact with Zoom or Skype for collaborative transcription. Finally, when buying a premium version, the platform can be used not only by one person but also by a group of colleagues, which is very convenient and profitable from a financial point of view.

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