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New copyright law will strengthen rights of Irish creators when work shared online


A new copyright law will strengthen the rights and protections of Irish creators when their work is shared online. 

The EU’s Copyright Directive, which has been transposed into Irish law, will positively affect many copyright holders including journalists and authors. 

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Speaking about the news, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said, “Like many aspects of society, the internet has utterly changed the way in which we create, read and watch the news, books, music, TV and films. The law needs to catch up with this change, and ensure that the rights of our creators, writers, journalists and performers are upheld when it comes to their work being shared online. 

“This is part of a broader discussion we are having on the future of media. The Future of Media Commission’s report on how to overcome the challenges faced by public service broadcasters, commercial broadcasters, print and online media platforms has recently been submitted and Government will be acting on this shortly.” 

The new law will also provide for wider access and use of copyrighted works. 

Press publishers like newspapers will reportedly have a new legal right to the use of their content by online service providers. 

The Tánaiste said, “In the absence of an agreement with publishers, online platforms will not be permitted to make use of their work, though they will continue to be able to use hyperlinks or very short extracts.” 

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