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Northeast Ohio Instagram page encourages artists to exchange work


Chris Harvey, left, and his girlfriend Jess Fijalkovich started the bARTer NEO Instagram account for artists to exchange their work. Some examples of exchanged work are hanging on the wall behind them along with purchased pieces as they sit with their pets Goldie, left, and Peapod.

Stepping into Jess Fijalkovich and Chris Harvey’s home is like entering an art gallery: a colorful, eclectic curation of photographs and prints in gold frames hanging on the walls. 

Most of their collection highlights local artists, a culmination of their own work and purchased prints — but some of Fijalkovich’s favorite items are the ones she gathered from exchanging her own photos regionally and internationally, a practice she began at the start of the pandemic when she had more time to dedicate to her art.

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“Bartering has been a way to exchange goods and services, and I found that idea fascinating,” she said. “I amassed a collection that is personally meaningful to me. It’s not only cool to have the art, but to connect with people and hear the story about how a piece I now get to live with was made.”

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