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Otter, an AI-Powered Voice Transcription Service, Can Now Transcribe Zoom Meeting Conversations


Otter is an AI-powered voice transcription service. It now wants to make things even easier for its users to record their meetings, thanks to a new update.

Otter’s Assistant Service

The company has introduced a new feature called Otter Assistant, which can automatically sync Zoom meetings on your calendar, transcribe conversations, and share notes with other participants, according to TechCrunch.

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Although Otter is already integrated with Zoom, the assistant is made so you do not have to constantly remember to enable transcription when the meeting starts, or to stop it at the end. It also serves as a place where participants can collaborate by asking questions, sharing pictures, and more, as the meeting is happening.

The feature also works around the earlier limitation with Zoom, where only the meeting host could use the Otter.ai integration directly, Engadget reports.

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The idea to automate meeting transcription makes sense for the remote setting created by the COVID-19 pandemic, where people have been working, homeschooling, and doing other duties at home.

Now, this is one area where Otter.ai can help, but it can also help with issues like overlapping meetings, or larger meetings were only a few topics are directly relevant to your work as you can review the rest of the meeting discussion later, instead of in real-time.

Using the Otter Assistant

To use the new Otter Assistant, users first synchronize their Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar with Otter’s service, as per Fast Company.

The assistant will then automatically join all of Zoom meetings moving forward, where it shows up as an additional meeting participant, for transparency’s sake.

The assistant also posts a link to the transcription in the Zoom chat for everyone to access. As the meeting continues, attendees can use Otter’s live transcript to highlight key parts, add pictures, and make notes.

They can also ask questions through the commenting feature, as opposed to speaking up, which may be helpful if you are in a noisy place at the time the meeting is taking place.

Once the Otter Assistant is enabled, you do not have to remember to turn on Otter.ai for each meeting, and you can even use your headphones to listen to the meeting in progress.

The Otter Assistant will still be able to record both sides of the conversation.

However, you can turn Otter Assistant off on a per-meeting basis through the My Agenda section on the Otter website, which will include new toggles next to each meeting that you have.

Once the meetings wrap up, you can have Otter.ai configured to automatically share the meeting notes with all of the attendees.

The Otter Assistant is available to Otter.ai Business users, which are upgraded plans that start at $20 a month, and include features like two-factor authentication, advanced search, SOC2 compliance, export, custom vocabulary, shared speaker identification, centralized data and billing, and more.

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