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Otter Assistant auto transcription expands beyond Zoom


(Pocket-lint) – Otter has announced an expansion to its Otter Assistant video call transcription service.

Originally made available for Zoom in May, it now supports other video conferencing services as well. Otter Business Plan subscribers can use the auto transcription features in Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex.

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After given permission, the Otter Assistant will perform administrative tasks in real-time during your calls. It can be linked to online calendars, schedule recordings and then, during conference calls, take notes and share transcripts with all attendees.

@With more companies adapting to a hybrid work model where professionals work and take meetings in-office, at home, and on mobile, many are looking to Otter as a tool to improve team communication and collaboration,” said Otter co-founder, Sam Liang.

“We’re excited to make using Otter even easier and more accessible no matter where or how people conduct and participate in meetings.”

Otter offers a free online transcription service, with a set number of minutes of transcriptions available as part of its Basic membership at no cost. There is also Pro membership.

With both, you can transcrive audio live or by uploading a prerecorded audio file. You get three free uploads a month on Basic.

 Otter Assistant is only available on the Business plan, however, priced at $20 per month. That also gives you two-factor authentication and a number of other exclusive features.

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