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Otter is a tempting proposition for those seeking transcription services


My transcription software of choice for the past year has been Temi. This AI-driven app does quite a good job of automatically transcribing interviews and conversations but it’s not free. You pay a flat rate per minute but the finished transcript is delivered by email and the interface for editing your transcript is so user friendly.

Having said that I am tempted to switch over to Otter for a few reasons.

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First, Otter offers a generous 600 minutes of free audio recording/transcription that resets on a monthly basis. Secondly, there is an option to connect to Google or Microsoft calendars, which means Otter knows about upcoming events and asks if you would like to record audio for these. It also automatically names the recording based on the calendar entry.

Another advantage of using Otter is that it syncs with Zoom; if your business is already using this teleconferencing software then a premium Otter subscription would take the sting out of taking minutes at meetings.

My first impression of Otter’s automatic speech recognition capabilities is that it isn’t quite as good as Temi but the premium version (€9.99/month) allows you to build a custom vocabulary so I suspect this would improve accuracy significantly.


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