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Our Favorite Holiday Gifts From Women-Owned Brands: Women Who Travel Podcast

Condé Nast Traveler

MC: Lale, what is next on your list?

LA: It’s something I want, need, but I also think—

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MC: I like that correction.

LA: Yeah, just a little bit of a hint. But also I think it’s something that’s probably on lots of people’s lists as they start to plan travel again. I really, really, really want a new suitcase. My carry-on, which has gotten me through many, many, many an adventure, and many, many, many a delayed flight really feels like it’s on its last legs. A zip broke off it. It was already sort of tired before the pandemic. And then I didn’t bother replacing it because I had nowhere to go. And suddenly, travel has returned. Life has gotten busier. And now I’m stuffing things in a suitcase that doesn’t actually zip up properly. And suitcases are also investments, and can feel like a lot to spend on yourself—which I fully support and people should gift themselves with a nice new suitcase—but I think if you are willing to splurge on someone who you know loves travel and you want to treat, I think a brand new carry-on would be a fantastic gift. There’s lots of brands that we like at Traveler. Personally, my two favorites are Arlo Skye and Paravel. The latter is definitely women-owned.

MS: I wasn’t a suitcase person until I got first an Arlo Skye carry-on, and then a Paravel Aviator carry-on. It’s like, okay, everyone needs to invest in a nice suitcase for themselves that they feel great rolling through the airport as you run to catch a flight. And yeah, I love that. Paravel also has like, if you want to do smaller things to kind of help someone work up to their suitcase purchase, their packing cubes are amazing. It makes me also feel like I’m finally the organized female traveler that I want to be. So a lot of good stuff on that site.

LA: One other Paravel product that I was just going to shout out, is their collapsible duffel, which I genuinely think is the best piece of luggage that’s ever been designed. And it is so simple. It’s literally just a soft shell, squishy duffel bag with an ingenious zip design. That means that you can fold it up and zip it up into the size of the small… I don’t know what you’d call it, a small parcel? And you can slip it down the side of your carryon or your larger suitcase. And when you’re on your return trip, and have bought too many souvenirs, you have an extra bag that just magics itself out of nowhere.

MC: I have two very different things that I want to talk about. One of them is I would love a third pair of Brother Vellies cloud socks. I love these socks so freaking much. They are designed by Aurora James, who runs Brother Vellies. They come in so many different colors, and they are the softest, most cloud-like, like leg-warmer-meets-socks, that I have ever received. I have two pairs. I have one in gray and one in purple. And I have them on rotation already, even though it’s only mid-fall. And I think I might need another pair. So they’re just absolutely delightful.

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