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The new system will allow Britons to claim PIP online and “a limited number” of English claimants will be given the chance to test it out. To apply for PIP, Britons have to first make a call to the new claims phone line, answer some questions and they will then receive a form in the post which needs to be filled out and returned.

A streamlined process has been called for by many claimants over the years, and the new trial could mark the beginning of a simpler benefits application system. 

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The DWP said: “The Health Transformation Programme is committed to introducing an online service to claim PIP and to safely test the service, a limited number of first-time claimants in England will be given the opportunity to claim through the new online channel.”

The only PIP application trial launched in January and will last until approximately July. 

PIP applicants will use a new claim and questionnaire form offered online through the new IT platform. 

This trial will not affect the current policy, eligibility, assessments or decision-making process currently in place. 

The participation in this trial is completely voluntary. 

The DWP shared that between October 2021 and January 2022 it had received 170,000 new claim registrations for the disability benefit. 

As of the end of January this year, 2.9 million people across the UK claim PIP with only 35 percent receiving the highest level. 


There are two aspects of PIP offering varying rates which will depend on the level of difficulty a claimant has with the different tasks. 

The daily living part provides for those that need assistance with daily household and personal tasks such as eating, making money decisions or socialising. 

At the lower weekly rate, the daily living aspect pays £60 with the higher rate paying £89.60.

The mobility part of PIP provides for those that need assistance navigating outside or within their home or leaving their home. 

The new rates for the daily living component will be £61.85 for the lower rate and £92.40 for the higher rate. 

The mobility component will increase to £24.45 on the lower rate and £64.50 on the higher rate. 

Claimants must be aged 16 or over but below the state pension age and generally be staying in England, Scotland or Wales when they apply. 

Additionally, claimants must have lived in England, Scotland or Wales for two of the last three years unless they have recently returned from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. 

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