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Plan advances for new traffic lights at 2 Fruitville Pike intersections; work could start in June | Community News


When: Penn Township supervisors meeting, March 14.

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What happened: Supervisors released two letters of credit from the developer of a 192-unit apartment complex, after the developer contributed nearly $700,000 in funds and in-kind work toward the signalization of two Fruitville Pike intersections. The installation of new traffic lights at Fruitville Pike and Temperance Hill Road, and at Fruitville Pike and Holly Tree Road, could start in June if there are no delays in materials acquisition. Total cost of the traffic signal project is $1.43 million. Contractor is Farhat Excavating, of Duncannon.

Background: The board released two letters of credit ($630,000 and $66,000) because Landmark Homes, the developer of Holly Tree Apartments, has paid Penn Township $654,490 in recreation fees. The recreation fees were for the developer’s share of the Fruitville Pike and Temperance Hill Road intersection project, approved in 2014 and 2017. The difference between the letters of credit and the fees paid was credited to the developer for off-site (S-curve) work on Holly Tree Road performed by the developer on the other side of the road from where the apartment complex is located.

Cost-sharing and accountability: Financial security agreements can be money a developer guarantees up front to the township to ensure a project will be finished. As the developer meets the requirements of a land development plan, the township refunds the money, thus reducing the total amount held as a letter of credit, a bond or funds in escrow.

Barons Ridge: Supervisors also approved security reductions for required improvements, mainly stormwater management facilities, that developers completed in the single-family neighborhood of 103 homes on Hamaker Road. The board approved a reduction of $16,500 in financial security for Charles Investments, leaving a balance of $11,000. The board also agreed to a reduction of $10,687.50 for the builder, EGStoltzfus, and accepted the balance of $5,625 to replace the letter of credit for the bank. EGStoltzfus’ bank does not want to continue the letter of credit, so the township accepted a cash escrow security to replace the letter of credit. All improvements are to be completed by Sept. 30. Township Secretary Jen Tulonen said Penn Township’s solicitor has reviewed the process in detail.

Pleasant View Communities: The board approved a sewer bill relief request for the nonprofit continuing care retirement community at 544 N. Penryn Road. Hiester said the sewer bill was significantly higher than it should have been because of water running for several days during construction. The board agreed to a $45,000 reduction in the bill but noted there would be no credit to the water bill.

Fire company report: Chief Andy Kirchner presented the Manheim Fire Department’s annual report for 2021. The fire department responded to 130 incidents in the township, 142 incidents in Manheim Borough and 84 incidents in Rapho Township. There were 38 incidents with mutual aid given. The department assisted 15 other fire departments, including Mount Joy, Mastersonville, East Petersburg and Penryn. Fundraising has been “pretty steady” over the past two years, despite the pandemic, Kirchner said.

Renewable energy: Township officials discussed a proposal to install solar panels at the water treatment facility and agreed to revisit the matter at a later meeting.

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