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PM Skerrit promises to work with new Grand Bay MP in tackling constituency issues


Skerrit, Henderson

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has promised to work with the new parliamentary representative of the Grandbay Constituency, Ambassador Dr. Vince Henderson in order to make a difference in the lives of residents there.

Dr. Henderson was victorious in Grand Bay’s by-election on November 26, 2021, capturing 1221 votes in the official preliminary results.

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He competed against Clarington “Twa Woche” Andrew (Roof Specialist- Independent) who received 3 votes and Julius ‘Handbag’ Gabriel (Bus driver- Independent) who got 161 votes.

“I say to them without any fear or contradiction that this Labour party will be there for the Grand Bay Constituency,” the prime minister said during a radio interview last week. “I will work with our new Parl Rep for Grandbay to ensure that we can make a difference in the lives of the people.”

The Prime Minister congratulated Dr. Henderson for his victory in what he described as a keenly contested by-election.

“This is a great victory for Dr. Henderson and it is a great victory for the Dominica Labour Party and I say it is a great victory for the people of Grand Bay,” he stated. “We are always confident that the people of Grand Bay will remain with Labour and I want to personally thank all the supporters in the Grand Bay Constituency for their continued solidarity and support to the Labour party.”

Skerrit said he looks forward to addressing some of the issues which constituents raised with the party during the campaign.

He said the campaign was a “special one” in which the party had to adapt to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19.

 “It was one more of listening and I believe that during that process of campaigning and listening to the people, we were able to get more precisely, some of the issues confronting the Grand Bay constituency and I believe that we certainly will be formulating programmes and plans to ensure that we can respond to the concerns of this wonderful constituency,” the Prime Minister noted.

He said his proposition Grand Bay residents to have a non-Grand Bay native represent them was a huge act, “and I, as party leader, I feel humbled by the demonstration of support for this great party and the loyalty of the people of Grand Bay to this great party and the concerns they have for this great political party.”

He gave a commitment that his party will be building on what former Prime Minister and Parl Rep of Grandbay, Pierre Charles has constructed, on what John Fabien and nurse Justina Charles- Riviere contributed, “and we will be building on the legacy of our fallen comrade Edward Registe, all of whom have made a sterling contribution to the political, social, educational and economic life of the people Grandbay.”

Meantime, the DLP leader criticized the United Workers Party (UWP) for not fielding a candidate in the by-election, suggesting that the UWP had demonstrated by their action that Grand Bay which he said is “arguably is one of the most important constituencies in Dominica,” is not important.

In announcing its decision not to contest the by-election, the UWP described the contest as a “showdown of Skerrit versus the People of Grandbay” adding that it was “no place for competition between political parties that will stand in the way of the people of Grandbay uniting as one behind an independent candidate to fight for their independence, their democratic freedoms and the right to choose their own representatives.”

The party also called for independent candidate, Julius Gabriel, to be supported by all patriotic, democratic and “honest Dominicans who desire a better Dominica.”

The UWP also identified the lack of electoral reform as one of the factors which contributed to its decision not to participate.

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