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Samsung to let Galaxy owners fix their devices: Talking Tech podcast


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Hey there listeners, it’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. Samsung is soon going to join Apple in allowing owners of its smartphones and some other devices to make their own repairs. Samsung recently announced it will launch a program to support owners of its Galaxy smartphones, as well as some other devices who want to make the fixes themselves. I write about this in a story that you can read on tech.usatoday.com. Samsung’s going to collaborate with the online repair community, iFixit and this program is going to apply to Galaxy S20 and S21 devices as well as the Galaxy Tab S7. So what is it you can repair here? Device owners will initially be able to replace display assemblies, the back glass and charging ports. Then they’ll take those older parts and return them for recycling. If this sounds familiar, you’ll recall last year, Apple introduced its own self-service repair program.

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