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Sharon student Ariana Davidson randomly chosen for $40K scholarship


SHARON, Pa (WKBN) – What better way to promote an online program created by the people who administer college entrance exams for high school students than by awarding a scholarship.

Juniors and sophomores at Sharon High School were being shown Wednesday how to sign-up for a program called “Big Future.” It was created several years ago by the College Board, which administers the SAT.

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It comes with a five-year commitment from the College Board to award $25 million in scholarships over five years as a way of encouraging students who might not otherwise think of going to college to give it a try.

Junior Ariana Davidson’s name was one of two pulled this month at random. She won a $40,000 scholarship.

“I just filled out the steps. I said that I’d taken the SAT. I just said what schools I was interested in and what I was looking for,” Davidson said.

Davidson said she hopes her award will allow her to attend the University of Alabama.

“I know that I would need a lot of scholarships to go to whatever school I wanted to go to because they are very expensive,” she said.

Davidson’s mother Ariana Davidson, said she was shocked by the scholarship amount.

“They didn’t tell me the amount, so when I saw the amount, I thought I was going to fall down,” she said.

Directors say the program is open to any high school junior in any state, even if they have never taken the SAT. A winner will be chosen each month for a $40,000 scholarship. In addition, hundreds of $500 scholarships will also be awarded.

You can find more information on how to sign up online.

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