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Situation improving in R.M. of Stanley, but much work ahead to repair damage


In its latest overland flooding update released Monday afternoon, the R.M. of Stanley is reporting improvements to the situation since Sunday, with water levels across most areas of the Municipality having dropped.

“At this point we expect the main surges have made their way through the Municipality,” stated the release to PembinaValleyOnline. “Over the next few days things should stabilize even more as temperatures increase.”

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So far, approximately 20,000 sandbags have been distributed, with 15 to 20 homes/buildings sandbagged. Officials are recommending leaving sandbags in place for the next few days.

Crews are now dealing with ice damming up culverts, ditches, and roads. Public Works is finding and marking dangerous areas. There is plenty of debris on roads and in culverts which they are trying to clear. Public Works equipment is out in full force clearing roads and culverts, and a number of contractors are also assisting the Municipality.

Water is now over-topping the road in less than twenty places, however roads remain severely damaged and impassable in places. If anyone has a washed out driveway, or cannot access their property, contact the RM at 204-325-4101.

“While the water has receded, the rural community infrastructure has been devastated,” stated the release. “It will take considerable time to bring everything back to normal. Patience and caution is needed when travelling on gravel roads.”

The R.M. is asking residents to respect municipal and contractor equipment and road signage as they are working.

“Stay vigilant with methods of protecting your property from flood damage,” said the release. “We are very fortunate to not have lost hydro so that homeowners pumps can continue to operate. Consider securing a backup power supply for your pumps at home in the event of a power outage. The forecasted rain over the (next) weekend will come over saturated ground, and could cause a resurgence of rising water levels.”

Meanwhile, the Southern Emergency Response Committee (SERC) has advised they have received many offers for assistance, and wants to thank those who offering to help. No additional help is required at this point, however SERC will update as required over next few days if conditions change.
If you need help or you know of someone dealing with a flooded basement email: [email protected]

“Stay safe out there, water is moving very fast and is dangerous,” concluded the statement. “Please remind your children to stay away from any fast moving water. Thank you to our incredible community for the resilience you have shown!”

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