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The Brazilian Football Confederation does not issue the VAR audio for the goals rejected by Cuiaba in a duel with Bahia


Mato Grosso’s side scored two disallowed goals in the first half, in highly contested moves. The Brazilian Football Confederation has made the audios available for Fortaleza x Palmeiras, Internacional x Flamengo and Atlético-MG x Juventude.

Report required GiveThe CBF press office stated that the bids being requested by Cuiaba are not part of the acoustics disclosure protocol.

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– It should be noted that the photos and audio recordings of the reviews conducted by VAR will be fully disclosed, i.e. bids where the referee goes to the review booth or when there is a factual review with a change in the field decision. In addition, during the match, the team in the VAR operations room performs dozens of checks, most of them silently (without having to communicate with the field referee). For objective purposes only reviews will be provided – inform the Canadian Border Commission in the note that they will begin to disclose the audio recordings.

Cuiaba’s assistant reported that the audio recordings were not sent directly to the club.

The Brazilian Football Confederation began broadcasting audio and video referees in early November, from the 29th round of Brazil, in addition to the postponed matches. According to the organization, “the measure is intended to allow clubs, fans and the press to know in detail how the video referee works, as well as to give more transparency to decisions made with the help of the tool.”

Weekend games are always promoted the following Monday, depending on the destination.

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