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The full list of Welsh MPs with second jobs


There is a great deal of scrutiny on Members of Parliament who earn money outside their roles as an MP.

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The controversy over former Tory MP Owen Paterson’s lobbying for two companies, Randox Laboratories and Lynn Country Foods, has put a spotlight on the outside activities of all MPs.

Boris Johnson, having initially stood by Paterson, is now proposing two major changes to the code of conduct for MPs which would ban them from taking up roles as consultants or advisers for private companies and also ensure that they do nothing which stops them prioritising their constituents.

If there was an outright ban on MPs taking up roles as consultants or advisers, there would be around 30 MPs affected with Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns the only Welsh member affected.

However this does not mean that he is the only Welsh MP to have a second income – far from it. WalesOnline has gone through all the Welsh MPs to list those who have additional incomes.

Please note that we have only included incomes over £500. This is not to say that these members are doing anything against the rules. Many of these jobs include things which are a clear public service such as nursing.

Alun Cairns, Conservative – Vale of Glamorgan

Boris Johnson and Alun Cairns

Former Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns resigned from his ministerial role after it emerged that one of his staff was accused by a judge of deliberately sabotaging a rape trial.

He currently is holding down three jobs in addition to his role as an MP. For these he is paid £60,000 a year for just over 4 hours work a week.

Vale of Glamorgan member started a role as a senior advisor at the Crumlin based BBI Group last summer. To earn his £15,000 a year salary, which is in addition to his salary as an MP, Mr Cairns advises the company for just 70 hours a year (less than six hours a month).

BBI Group is part of UK-RTC consortium, a group of companies and institutions which develop new coronavirus antibody tests. In partnership with Avacta Group, they have worked on UK Government contracts to manufacture Covid-19 tests.

In addition to this Mr Cairns has, from September 1, 2020 been senior adviser Newport based company Veezu Holdings Ltd who run Amber Cars and Dragon Taxis.

For this he receives £15,000 a year, paid monthly, for “providing strategic advice” He has to do 70 hours a year of this money,

This summer he took up another job as an adviser to Elite Partners Capital Pte Ltd (a global property investment firm). For this he receives £30,000 per year, paid monthly, for “providing strategic advice” to the board. To earn this cash he has to work 84 hours a year.

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Chris Bryant, Labour – Rhondda

Chris Bryant is the MP for Rhondda

In addition to his work as an MP, Mr Bryant for the Rhondda has authored several books for which he has received tens of thousands of pounds.

In just the last few years he has received £51,696 from his books, audio books and the rights to make a TV series from his book.

He has also received £600 from Global Radio for presenting for LBC on 3 January 2021 for three hours.

In addition in March 2021 he received £2,000 from Goldman Sachs for speaking at an LGBTQ+ webinar on about his book for two hours.

In previous parliaments he has declared payments for thousands of pounds for columns he has written for newspapers.

These include:

  • £53,750 for writing a column in the Independent from 2013 to 2014 which equates to £2,500 a week.

  • Payments for articles for Mail on Sunday which took six hours for £3,400.

  • Two articles for the Daily Mirror, for which he received £800

  • Payment of £500 received in August 2013 from The Times

In November 2016, he also received £1,500 for appearing on Have I Got News for You.

Stephen Kinnock, Labour – Aberavon

Stephen Kinnock

Mr Kinnock has been the MP for Aberavon since 2015 and has been paid for the following extra income:

  • £1,000 from Warwick University for being a panellist on Warwick University’s Question Time October 2019.
  • £750 from Shoosmiths (law firm) for speaking at a Shoosmiths webinar in May 2020. 3 hrs.
  • £776 Berggruen Institute, for co-authoring a paper between 3 and 5 March 2019

Sarah Atherton, Conservative – Wrexham

Sarah Atherton

Ms Atherton won her seat in the 2019 election.

A qualified nurse, she returned to the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic and worked 61 hours of shifts at Wrexham Maelor Hospital this summer. She donated the payments to charity.

Speaking to WalesOnline she said: “Many of those speaking against MPs having second jobs are forgetting about those MPs that are working in public service roles, for example in the NHS. Having worked as a nurse and social worker before becoming an MP, I returned to the Wrexham Maelor Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic and donated my salary to the Maelor Voluntary Service, a charity that supports the Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

“For many MPs, such outside work is important in order to retain professional qualifications whilst also helping to ensure that a vibrancy of experiences and knowledge within Parliament, which can make our elected representatives better at their jobs, whilst ultimately making a positive contribution to our democracy. I have personally found that when scrutinising legislation, contributing to debates in Parliament or undertaking casework for constituents, my return to the Maelor Hospital has been beneficial and has allowed me to better represent those that I serve. Therefore, any blanket ban on second jobs would disadvantage constituents and many MPs’ contributions in Parliament.”

Kevin Brennan, Labour – Cardiff West

Cardiff West Labour MP Kevin Brennan

Mr Brennan was first elected to Parliament in 2001 and his income not relating to his work as an MP is related to the band he is in with three other parliamentarians called MP4.

Through it has had fees for appearing in the Matt Forde Live Christmas Show in November 2020, where he received £960.28 for rehearsals and performance in December.

He appeared again on the show in 2018 receiving £878.82 for two performances.

David Davies, Conservative – Monmouth

David Davies

Mr Davies has received several payments for appearances on various media outlets.:

  • Payments from News UK & Ireland Ltd, November 2018 totalling £450 and, for taking part in Talk Radio’s ‘Julia Hartley Brewer Show’, £1,350

Jamie Wallis, Conservative – Bridgend

Jamie Wallis
Jamie Wallis

Mr Wallis doesn’t have a second job though he does currently has shareholdings in 15 companies, some of which are dormant. They are mainly around data recovery though there is one called Quickie Divorce.

Since his election at the end of 2019 he has left directorships at 14 different companies.

Dr James Davies, Conservative – Vale of Clwyd

Dr James Davies MP

James Davies has earned over £10,000 working as a doctor since becoming an MP.

He seemingly picks up shifts around North Wales and the North East of England including work on Christmas Eve 2020.

Chris Evans, Labour – Islwyn

Islwyn’s Chris Evans

Mr Evans has twice received £4,400 as an advance for a book he is writing for Bloomsbury Publishing.

Simon Hart, Conservative – Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

Simon Hart

Wolverhampton born Simon Hart has been an MP since 2010. He is a member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet and is the current Welsh Secretary.

Mr Hart no longer has any second jobs because he is a member of the cabinet.

However from November 2015 until July 2019, he worked as a “high net worth consultant” for the Countryside Alliance, a campaigning organisation that supports hunting at which he was previously chief executive. For this he received £30,000 a year in return for “a commitment of approximately eight hours a week”.

Before this he worked as as an outdoor education consultant for the Countryside Alliance and was paid £20,000 a year for six hours per week from July 2013 to May 2015.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, Labour – Torfaen

Nick Thomas-Symonds

Mr Thomas-Symonds is a barrister and shadow home secretary won his seat in 2015.

A published authorm he has received £4,247 from the Wylie Agency as an advance for a book. He was also given £625 from the Oxford Chinese Economy Programme for delivering a talk on 5 August 2019.

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