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Virtual lessons won’t work in Kenyan schools, Kuppet tells TSC


Bungoma county Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers chairman David Barasa has differed with Teachers Service Commission on its move to roll out virtual lesson plans.

The plan allows schools to share teachers in a single lesson across schools.

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TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia revealed they have trained 163,000 teachers to roll out virtual lessons that would be scaled up to cover most schools.

In an interview with the Star, Barasa argued that the virtual lessons will not work because most schools are unable to access online services due to poor or lack of internet connectivity.

“This exercise is a noble idea but they should have ensured that Kenyan schools well equipped with required facilities before the rollout,” Barasa said.

However, Barasa said teaching also involves teachers’ interactions and follow-up with the learners.

“Teaching is not about standing before a class talking, dictating and writing notes but a teacher must dig deeper to ensure that learners have grasped the idea so virtual learning will leave many students blank,” he said.

He added that after a lesson the assignments given should also be marked to gauge if learners got the concept.

“How will teachers mark assignments after an online lesson if a tutor is in Machakos and the pupils are in Bungoma? I think this will not work in Kenya,” he said.

Barasa noted that many schools lack gadgets for online classes and some parents may not afford laptops and TV sets to facilitate the exercise.

Barasa added that even CBC implementations in schools is still a big challenge.

“There is an outcry from parents that CBC is a burdensome as it requires a lot of resources for it to run smoothly,” he said.

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