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Weaverland Valley Fire Department summarizes 2021 work, announces fundraiser | Community News


When: Terre Hill Borough Council meeting, April 12.

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What happened: Weaverland Valley Fire Department Capt. Anthony Reiff presented the 2021 report, showing the fire service responded to 150 calls with 23 in Terre Hill. Response time from the department to all calls was under six minutes.

Background: The volunteer fire department has 48 active members. It covers Terre Hill and the northeastern section of East Earl Township.

Weaverland Valley Mud Sale: The annual sale of flowers and crafts will take place 6-8 p.m. Friday, May 20; and the regular sale starts at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 21, at 1030 Precast Road, New Holland.

Quotable: “This is our biggest fundraiser for the fire department,” Reiff said.

Backyard shed advice: Andy Dornes questioned the borough’s denial of his request to put a shed on his property at 406 Maple St. Zoning Officer Tom Arnold explained the existing property in an R-1 residential district exceeds the lot coverage of 25% permitted by borough ordinance for the additional structure. Arnold explained if Dornes chooses to pursue the matter, he needs to submit a Zoning Hearing Board application to request a variance for relief from the zoning requirement.

Appointment: Council appointed Arnold as code enforcement officer and zoning officer for the borough. He has served as interim zoning officer since November 2021.

Drug task force: Council approved the contribution of $1,357 to the Lancaster County Drug Task Force.

Weaverland Valley Authority funding: Council authorized $20,550 from the federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to reimburse installation of chlorine analyzers at the Terre Hill public water system wells.

Protecting the environment: Council authorized a memorandum of understanding between the Lancaster County Conservation District and Terre Hill. The memorandum serves as a foundation for a cooperative and mutually beneficial working relationship between the district and municipality in shared areas of responsibility for the stewardship of natural resources in the borough. These areas include six components: erosion and sediment pollution control/National Pollution Discharge Elimination System for stormwater discharges associated with construction activities; dam safety and waterway management; municipal separate storm sewer systems; agricultural-related activities such as manure management and erosion control; Plain sect outreach; education and outreach.

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