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What Is iPhone Visual Voicemail & Transcription?


Apple’s Visual Voicemail and Transcription make checking iPhone voice messages much quicker, but not every carrier supports these features.

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The iPhone has two related telephone features that Apple calls Visual Voicemail and Voicemail Transcription that make it easier to keep track of voice messages that have been left after missed calls. While more and more communication is shifting to video calls or text messages and chat, there’s still a need to accept and return voicemail, which can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating without a bit of help from advanced technology.

An iPhone is many things, and each user has their favorite features. Of course, the mobile internet is a more powerful form of communication than a telephone, allowing the user to catch up with friends and family worldwide via social media, browse the internet to post in community forums or get customer support from online businesses. FaceTime and video conferencing apps go a step further than a phone call. Yet, the telephone is a convenient middle-ground that’s more personal than sending a text message but not as invasive as a video call. As such, voicemail will probably continue to be essential for quite some time.


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Apple first introduced visual Voicemail in 2007 along with the very first iPhone. It was a revolutionary change in how the user could check voicemail, separating each call from the rest. Previously, users would play every voice message left by callers back sequentially, and many smartphones and carriers still use this older method. Voicemail Transcription is a related feature that converts the words spoken in a voice message into a text form that the user can read. This is typically much faster than hearing a message playback in real-time since it’s possible to read faster or even to skim over less important messages to get the gist of what’s being said.

How To Use iPhone Voicemail

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Of course, computers don’t always understand human speech correctly, and in some cases, the text form is flawed enough that the voice message still needs to be heard. If Visual Voicemail is active, a list of messages will be shown with the time, dates and caller given. When selecting any voice messages, the transcription is shown with a playback button to listen to the audio if needed. With a combination of Visual Voicemail, Transcription and voice playback, the iPhone makes it quick and easy to manage voice messages.

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