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Where We’re Dreaming of Traveling Next Year: Women Who Travel Podcast

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But there are other things in Copenhagen that I want to see too. I would love to go to Juno the Bakery for pastries, Villa Copenhagen was on our 2021 Hot List. It’s in the former headquarters of the Danish post office and was built in 1912 and has been beautifully restored. But all of the rooms, instead of having that 1912 design, are very calm, very Scandi, very minimalist, so beautiful. I want to put my biking skills to the test and try and bike around Copenhagen, but they also just opened a new Metro system in 2019. So if I can’t make it with the Danish bikers, I can zip around other ways. I have done the thing already where I’ve just made a Google map of all the places I want to go in Copenhagen, which I think is a pretty good sign that I will make it work and find a flight over there at some point next year. So that is my last pick.

LA: I was going to say, all I want to do is go shopping in Copenhagen for the fashion alone. I just-

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MC: I feel like I’ve been buying things over the past year and a half to tide me over until the office reopens and we get back to really going out to fancy dinners and now we’re there and I’m like, oh no, I do not have the clothes.

LA: I need new things.

MC: Yes. So obviously I have to fly all the way to Copenhagen to shop.

LA: I think it’s the only reasonable solution.

MC: Of course. Okay. Sarah, what is your last spot?

SK: One place that I really want to go is this island called Socotra off the coast of Yemen. It’s in Yemen, but it’s operated or somewhat controlled by the UAE or they have some relationship and so there are direct fights from there. And I don’t know if you’ve heard about it or seen it on social media, but it looks absolutely stunning. It’s kind of like just got this Galapagos remote vibe, these really unique treescapes and just the coast is stunning and it’s absolutely gorgeous, and you can do these trips there. There’s little tour operators that work with locals and do one-week trips, but the thing is it’s one week entirely off the grid. So I don’t know if I can justify that right now with my workload, but that would be something I would love to do.

LA: I have heard about this island. It looks and sounds amazing and fascinating, and I really hope you get there. Because I want to hear it all about it and live vicariously through you.

SK: You will see it all on Instagram whenever I get service back.

MC: Lale, what is your last pick?

LA: Last pick is a little bit of a personal one again, which is that I have some very close family up in Scotland, in the Highlands, who I haven’t seen since 2018 and I miss them a lot and I’m desperate to see them. So I would love to get up there and in doing so, I want to take the Caledonian Sleeper, which I’ve done before, which you get from London. And it’s the overnight train that takes you up to Inverness. And one of my favorite things about it is that there’s someone who knocks on your door at like 5:00 in the morning to deliver a bacon sandwich to you, which I just think is the best thing anyone could ever do for you if you are sleeping on a night train, and just be in the outdoors and go hiking and be in the beautiful landscape. And if I can, and if I make it over there in the summertime to go to Skye and hop around the islands there, which is just, I think some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world, and it’s so peaceful there. And in the depths of lockdown, I thought about Skye and my family a lot, so I’d love to make it up there.

MC: Oh, well, thank you guys both for sharing all of your ideas on where you want to go. We’ll have links to a whole boatload of things, including most of the hotels we mentioned, that Airbnb I’m dying to go to, they will all be in the show notes, so be sure to check them out. If people want to follow you next year and see what you are up to Sarah, where can they find you on the internet?

SK: I am @bysarahkhan anywhere social media exists, on Twitter, Instagram, you name it.

MC: I’m @ohheytheremere.

LA: And I’m @lalehannah.

MC: As a reminder, this is our last episode of the year, so be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so you are alerted when we come back in the spring 2022. We will hopefully have traveled very far and wide by the time we come back and have lots of things to talk about. Thank you so much for listening all of this year and we will talk to you later.

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