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Would you buy a $10,000 Xbox? Talking Tech podcast


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Hey there, listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. Just when you thought taking up video games as a hobby was expensive, along comes Gucci, which is partnering with Microsoft on a limited edition version of the Xbox Series X. Gucci will offer a version of this adorned with the fashion house’s unique designs on its website starting November 17th. Only 100 of the consoles will be available. You can read more details on this in a story that I wrote for tech.usatoday.com. Here’s the catch. Unlike the standard Xbox Series X, which is roughly $300 to $400, this Gucci branded console is going to sell for an eye-popping $10,000. So what does exactly $10,000 gets you? According to the listing that’s available on Gucci’s website, the console features a laser cut monogram of the letters GG, which represents both the initials of the founder, as well as shorthand for good game, which is commonly used in video games.

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