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You can now unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask: Talking Tech podcast


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Hey there listeners. It’s Brett Melina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. If you’re familiar with the iPhone, especially some of the newer models, then you likely know about Face ID. And one of the big hurdles with using face ID in the last couple years has been when you’re wearing a mask. Obviously with the pandemic, we had to wear masks out and about. And if you try to unlock your phone with Face ID, it didn’t really work. That has now changed, which is just in time as a lot of us seem to be shedding our masks, but here we go. Apple rolled out an update on Monday for the iPhone. It supports a feature on face ID that would allow users to unlock their phone even if they have their mask on. I write about this in a story that you can on tech.USAtoday.com.

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